Fashion Revolution Week – How To Begin (and save money while doing so!)

I am possibly the slowest, most indecisive shopper; whether in the tea aisle or shoe aisle, I take forevvvver to decide what to buy. If we are making a ‘quick trip’ to the store, we’re talking a minimum of thirty minutes.

Why? I care about what I buy; I make sure that it’s a purchase I will be satisfied with when it comes to using it for the duration of its life. I really mean life too, I wear shirts with moth holes and shoes with sole holes.

To be honest, I’ve always done this for economical reasons – my parents were never the type to buy me new pants because I had outgrown the length of my old ones, this just meant that my closet became full of capris!

Was I the most stylish kid in my class? Unless you really like floaters, not really.

But this bothered me not, I was rough and tumble – playing soccer, tag, kickball, and handball were my favorite schoolyard activities, so what did I care if my clothes were stained and frayed 🤷🏽‍♀️? By letting me run around in battered clothing, my parents not only saved money, but also decreased green house gas emissions, sewage, and factory work labor. Go parents!