Channel Islands, California Scuba Diving Video

Superb visibility ✔️, healthy aquatic life ✔️, and sunny skies ✔️. Sound too good to be true? It’s the truth! And it’s not a rarity to find such stellar conditions throughout the Channel Islands archipelago.

The Channel Islands are known as the Galapagos of North America because of the abundant wildlife and plant life found on and around the islands.

The archipelago is divided into northern and southern sections – the northern islands are: Santa Cruz Island, Anacapa Island, Santa Rosa Island, and San Miguel Island – and the southern islands are: San Clemente, San Nicolas, Santa Barbara, and Santa Catalina. The northern section makes up the Channel Islands National Park while the northern and southern islands are within the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, meaning all fish and crustaceans (the main sought-after catch) are protected from hunting within the boundaries.

Our fantastic captain and crew brought us to Santa Catalina Island, Santa Barbara Island, and Santa Cruz Island during our 4-night trip. The water is chilly out there, which made Pete and I jealous of the majority of people on the boat wearing dry suits. It’s nippy waters and distance from the mainland deters many people from venturing out, leaving the area clean and booming with wildlife in comparison to the local Orange County dive spots we were certified in.

Besides the diving, the land-portion of the islands are beautiful and well-maintained, so they attract hikers and campers. In fact, Pete and I are hoping to get to Catalina Island this summer to do some hiking and camping with my sister and her boyfriend (yay, double dates)!

Until then, we leave you with this video of our Channel Islands diving experience.

*Ugh, our GoPro battery died during our first day of the trip and of course, we forgot our charger🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️, so you unfortunately miss-out on the curious sea lion we played with and pretty much everything else. I made-do with what we did capture, though, and hopefully you will get a sense of the beauty that the Channel Islands have to offer!


Thanks so much for your read/watch and please comment with any pointers and feedback – we love to know how we can improve and what we’re doing well!

Happy travels,

Pete and Kiana

All videos have been captured by Peter and edited by Kiana.

We received no compensation for this article – all opinions are our own.

2 thoughts on “Channel Islands, California Scuba Diving Video

  1. Had no idea! Will make a point to visit and maybe camp out there! Bummer about the battery! I hate that!

    1. Absolutely, the island itself is also so beautiful! Try for summer so you can avoid the chill. Thank you, Pam 🙂

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