Our Ski Trip to Aspen, Colorado

Pete and I were asked to tag along with a couple families that we work with to beautiful Aspen, Colorado. I nanny and tutor for a few families in our area, so to ease the strain of keeping up with so many kids, the parents invited us to help keep an eye on the rascals. Of course they didn’t have to plea or beg for us to go, because if you have ever been skiing or snowboarding, you know that Aspen is the place to go. We were exceptionally lucky during our trip since it snowed 28 inches (yes, 2.3 feet for you math wizards) while we were there 😹. Little did we know that as we stepped onto the tarmac of the itty bitty Aspen Airport, we were about to all have the ski experience of a lifetime!

Besides snow sports, they are also known for having world-class resorts, spas, restaurants, and shopping. Pete and I didn’t get to experience much of these amenities since we were working, but we did get a day off and you can click here to see what we did!

As for the skiing and snowboarding, we stuck with Snowmass, Highlands, and Ajax (Buttermilk is another popular section of the mountain, but the X-Games were there so we avoided the area). All of the slopes were a hit, but Snowmass is our group’s favorite; everyone there was friendly, they have a great little town at the base of the mountain (with some tasty food – more on that later), and it has an exceptionally wide variety of runs.

We rented our gear from Ski Butlers, which was so incredibly easy! They came to our cabin to size us for our fittings, transferred our gear between locations when we went to different mountains, and picked up our gear when we left – really doesn’t get more easy. Another really great thing to check out for your trip is the Aspen Snowmass App, which includes a map of the Aspen mountains and informs you of which runs have been groomed, are closed, etc., and is for all mountains, not only Snowmass.

Now, we’ll get to the photos and let them speak for themselves..

(spoiler: Aspen is beautiful😍)

IMG_1919 editedIMG_1902 edited

We were lucky enough to have ski and snowboard instructors during the majority of our days. On our first day, we were with Marie Chanté (or ‘MC’ – a certified ski instructor) then the rest of the time we were with Gray (certified ski and snowboard instructor). They both were incredibly knowledgable, helpful, and all-around really great people, so we confidently recommend them both! Having instructors guiding you along is invaluable if you are unfamiliar with the mountain (and especially if you have five kids to keep track of), so hiring someone for your first day there may be a good move 👍🏽.

IMG_1917 editedIMG_1912 editedIMG_1916 edited

This was the coldest day of our trip, a frosty 11°, so I stayed home with the youngest kiddo, while the brave boys took on the chill.

IMG_1959 editedIMG_1960 edited

The cool kids striking a pose before venturing down the mountain🤘🏾.

IMG_1913 edited

The view from the top.

To conclude your virtual trip to Aspen, I put together a compilation video of the fantastic shots Pete took, being the tremendously skilled action photographer that he is.

We hope you enjoyed our trip! Please comment your favorite Winter adventures, it’s time to start planning for next year 😉.

Thanks so much for your read and please comment with any pointers and feedback – we love to know how we can improve and what we’re doing well!

Happy travels,

Pete and Kiki

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