Why You Should Visit San Diego This Fall

San Diego is the type of city that is great to visit at any time of the year, but with all destinations, visiting during the shoulder seasons is a great way to see places without the hordes of fellow tourists.

Off-season in San Diego is March – May and September – November while high season is the in-between months of June – August.

In March – May, you can expect cooler weather and bouts of “rain” (we celebrate the averaged 2.7 inches of drizzly precipitation we receive over these months), and in September – November, the temperature remains in the low 70’s. I prefer the latter months because you can experience the reasons people from all over flock here in the summer – temperate weather, beautiful beaches, and their outdoor lifestyle.

Since faulty weather isn’t a huge issue anywhere in Southern California, it comes down to avoiding the summer crowds. San Diego is an extremely family-friendly destination, so when school resumes in late August/early September, the crowds seem to vanish! The beaches clear, freeways open, and you can rest easy knowing it’s less likely that Ballast Point will run out of your favorite brew on tap. Also with fewer people comes less expense – hotels drop their rates and restaurants offer more specials to entice those lucky visitors who chose to avoid the dead of summer.

Of course, San Diego is always a beautiful destination, but there are those off-season perks. If you are considering coming to San Diego, peek at our itinerary from this past October!

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Happy travels,

Pete and Kiki

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