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Hours: Monday-Thursday(11am-9pm), Saturday & Sunday(10am-9pm, brunch 10am-2pm)


  • Dietary: they are a completely vegan restaurant and they have many gluten-free options (they are not exclusively GF) – both almonds and peanuts are served here
  • Physical: both locations are easily accessible but face tricky parking during busy hours so a bit of a walk will be required, both are also wheelchair friendly
  • Reservations: no
  • Etc.: both have dog friendly patios, restrooms, free WiFi, and accept credit cards, and Apple pay

Ambiance: trendy and relaxed

Best for: healthy, sweet & savory, pics for the ‘gram, brunching, lunching, small-medium parties

Value: Okay – prices are standard, portion size depends on your order

* ask your server how to sign up for their rewards program & receive a free lemonade!



This was my second trip to Seabirds, with the first being for a birthday dinner with Pete at the Costa Mesa location. This past trip, we came for brunch to celebrate my aunt’s birthday at the Long Beach location. My sister is vegan, and it can be challenging to find somewhere with palatable vegan options, much less an entire vegan menu that still appeals to non-vegans, so Seabirds has found a great niche!


The locations of the two restaurants are quite different: the Costa Mesa Seabirds is within the LAB, a hipstery mini-mall, while the Long Beach Seabirds is in the East Village, an up-and-coming area a few blocks away from the beach. Both locations are good for adding on a few hours of post-food-coma strolling.

The service was great at both locations, the waitresses are knowledgeable about the menu and comfortable with making recommendations. There was one hiccup with my mom’s order: the glass of Prosecco she ordered with brunch was filled about a third of the way. Her complaint was understandable, because when you order a $10 glass of wine, you hope to at least get half a glass. Short story short, if you’re trying to get krunk here at brunch, it’ll cost you a pretty penny.


Now for the food, and as you can see it looks crazy delicious — fresh berries and powdered sugar atop a stack of golden brown pancakes and crispy potatos on the side. This is my cousin’s meal and she ordered well; the ‘Flax Jax’ are a good balance between dense and fluffy.


My mom and I ordered the ‘Classic Waffle,’ and she added on almond butter plus bananas, while I ordered a side of fruit. We both enjoyed our meal but felt that there were drawbacks: I was still hungry afterwards while my mom could feel the gooey almond butter-saturated waffle (and I mean saturated – we could hardly see the waffle beneath all the almond butter) sitting in her stomach like a brick for hours after she ate.

There are easy recommendations for these issues though. If you’re super hungry, order the almond butter and banana topping on your waffle (maybe on the side), or get the ‘Flax Jax’ pancakes. However, if you’re a light bruncher, the ‘Classic Waffle,’ plain or with fruit, may be up your alley! They do have lots of sides too, so throwing one in with your meal is a good move (my cousin enjoyed her fried potatoes and my sissy enjoyed the rosemary cheddar biscuit). Since the servers here are very knowledgable about the menu, you may consider asking for their recommendations regarding your hunger level and taste 👍🏾.

Our Verdict: I must say that I enjoyed the food of our first trip to the Costa Mesa Seabirds more. Our brunch was fresh and looked great, but the flavors were one-dimensional and not incredibly satisfying in comparison. It may seem like I’m not recommending Seabirds, but indeed I am if you’re trying to convince your bacon-loving friend that vegan meals don’t taste like cardboard, because the concept is there, but unfortunately the brunch just hadn’t delivered. If you’re looking for value, skip the booze, order some hearty sides, and ask your server how they propose filling up.

Thanks so much for your read and please comment with any pointers and feedback – we love to know how we can improve and what we’re doing well!

Happy Eating,

Pete and Kiana


We received no compensation from Seabirds Kitchen to create this review.




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