Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, San Diego 👀

Screen Shot Maps Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Location: Ladera Street San Diego, CA 92107 (the park is easy to find but the address is vague so click here to be sent to Google Maps)

Hours: the park is accessible 24-7 and the gate to the parking lot is closed between 10pm-4am (street parking is available)


  • Physical: the look-out point is easy to access though the large parking lot is packed dirt which may be difficult to maneuver in a wheelchair but there is street parking along Ladera Street and Sunset Cliffs Blvd.
  • Others: watch your kiddos (the drop-off at the edge is very high and not very child-proof), dogs allowed, may be a restroom available (there was a singular porta potty when we visited), free parking 👏🏾

Ambiance: relaxed, adventurous/romantic depending on what you’re here for

Good for: sight-seeing, beaching, hiking (see our article on the Sunset Cliffs hike)

If you’re ready to escape the hustle-bustle and experience the calmer side of San Diego, this is a great start! Located on the Point Loma peninsula, the Natural Park borders Point Loma Nazarene University to the East, the Point Loma Ecological Reserve to the South, the Sunset Cliffs residential community to the North, and the beauteous Pacific Ocean to the West. This area attracts many visitors but there is plenty of space to spread out in the park (though you may have to settle for some accidental photo-bombers in the backgrounds of your shots). The park is most famous for its surf and its sunset views; here’s a photo of the baby swell that day but as you can see the waves have good shape:


Pete and I came here after brunch at The Fig Tree Cafe (we absolutely recommend it) since we were feeling antsy to get out of the city. We ventured around in the mini canyons just south of the parking area until we got to a pathway leading down to the ocean but since it was high tide, we snapped some pics and moved along. If you are feening to get more than just your toes wet, there is a more swimmer-friendly beachy beach a little ways north that we saw on our Sunset Cliffs hike.

This area is super photogenic so I feel the need to include a hazard warning that the drop off over the cliffs is high and what were to fall over would be met with more cliff then surgey water and rocks 🤕. There is a rope border along the edge of the cliffs indicating where the drop-off is, however, this is only in the main area so if you venture away and towards the canyon areas, please be mindful of where you are stepping so you don’t take a tumble! Also, if you’re coming to watch the sunset, I advise bringing a blanket to keep your tushy from getting dusty and flashlights to illuminate your trip back to the car. And if you can make it over with some sunlight to spare, bring your ‘nocks as there are frequent whale sightings 🐋!

Our Verdict: The name ‘Sunset Cliffs’ couldn’t be more accurate as there are cliffs on cliffs on cliffs and you couldn’t pick a more beautiful place to end the day. Come in the afternoon to enjoy the gorgeous San Diego weather or at sunset with your boo to catch the last rays of the day or heck, perhaps both (parking is free).

Thanks so much for your read and please comment with any pointers and feedback – we love to know how we can improve and what we’re doing well!

Happy Travels,

Pete and Kiana


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