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  • Dietary: yay vegans, vegetarians, lactos, & Celiacs! (menus annotate your options and they gladly modify other menu items), no peanuts or tree nuts are used (please call to verify and ask your server)
  • Physical: all restaurants are located in/near popular shopping areas and have plenty of nearby parking (walking to the restaurant required), easily accessible, wheelchairs ok, shaded/indoor areas available
  • Reservations: they accept reservations and event bookings ( and tag on an 18% gratuity for parties of 6 or more
  • Etc.: child and pet-friendly, restrooms available, credit cards accepted, free WiFi

Ambiance: casual and trendy

Best for: sweet & savory, pics for the ‘gram, dates, brunching, lunching, small-medium parties

Value: Great – generous portions at a fair price

* their yelp page offers a free dessert coupon (during dinner) when you check in!


Owner and founder, Johan Engman, has opened 3 locations since 2008, each with their own distinct style: Pacific Beach is a beachy cottage-garden, Hillcrest is modern with an open kitchen allowing patrons to watch the action, and Liberty Station is a mix, with most of the seating outdoors on the patio while the indoor bar and seating area is urban. Engman and executive chef, Alberto Morreale, take great care in sourcing local ingredients and cooking simple (and delicious) plates while specializing in the breakfast/brunch scene, though their dinner menu looks equally as enticing.

Pete and I visited Liberty Station, the newest Fig Cafe location, on our way to hiking Sunset Cliffs and fell in love with everything–the setting, the staff, and goodness, the food 🤤. Since it was Sunday and we were facing the post-church crowd, we had to wait about 30 minutes for our table. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, per usual in ‘The City of Good Living,” so we walked and found a grassy area near the restaurant which we par-oozed about during our wait.

Balboa Bark corridor-SD

The inside of the restaurant is lovely: bright and airy with plants all over the place and although there is abundant seating and it’s typically filled to capacity, it does not feel cramped and there is no need to yell over the neighboring tables’ conversations.


As much effort as they put into the feel of the restaurant, they put even more into their service; it felt like as soon as we had received our drinks and placed our orders, the waitress was back with our food and we were enjoying our dishes with wide-eyes, stuffed cheeks, and happy tummies.


We ordered the ‘Berry Sweet French Toast’ and the ‘Wind ‘n’ Sea Omelet’ and they tasted even better than they look – a remarkable feat considering that they look amazing. The French toast had a light crisp on the outside, yet was still chewy inside and the berries were fresh and a little tart, pairing perfectly with the sweet fluffiness of their homemade whipped cream. As for the omelet, they don’t skimp on the egg, so it’s hearty and the veggie and cheese filling inside contributes nicely to its richness. Now the rosemary potatoes, I grew up with a breakfast-potato-loving dad; at least one day of the weekend we could count on waking up to the smell of herby and buttery potatoes roasting in the oven. With this breakfast potato knowledge, I feel that I may tell you that these are darn good breakfast potatoes and if they don’t come with the plate you order, get them on the side or snag a couple from a generous someone who did.

* Now you probably aren’t quite ready to think about lunch but if you are headed for a busy day, there’s a Trader Joe’s in the same shopping center which Pete and I picked up a couple of snacks from to keep us fueled for the day.

Our Verdict: Holy cow, this place is yummy. We came because of the stellar Yelp reviews and left wanting seconds, but our stomachs are only so big and the day only so long, so we will be returning. Their prices and portions are more than fair, so pick a location and expect a great meal.

Thanks so much for your read and please comment with any pointers and feedback – we love to know how we can improve and what we’re doing well!

Happy Eating,

Pete and Kiana

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We received no compensation from The Fig Tree Cafe to create this review.

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