The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau ๐Ÿ“š

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This inspirational page-turner follows the stories of several amazing adventurers, from Nate Damm, who walked for seven months from his home in Portland, Maine to Los Angeles, California, to the famed Dutch sixteen year-old Laura Dekker, who fought her native government to allow her to circumnavigate the globe alone (while completing her homeschool assignments) and become the youngest person to do so (look up her Ted Talk). The author, Chris Guillebeau, visited every country in the world within a ten-year period, which would make for an amazing story itself, but he instead focuses on the stories of people he has met along his journey. Chris includes tips for readers who are starting their own quest so this is a sort of “beginners’ guide to starting a quest,” though even seasoned adventurers are sure to appreciate the fascinating tales of achievement none-the-less.

Be aware – this book made both of us feel enormously discontent with average suburban life, and hunger to become full-time adventurers. Once you read this book, your adventure bug will bite hard.

You may learn more and purchase the bookย here.

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